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Privacy Statement

Ráiteas Príobháideachta

This statement provides you with information on how University College Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (the ‘University’), captures and uses personal data and the steps the University takes to protect your personal data and your right to privacy.
UCD fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the University. Any personal information processed by the University will be treated in accordance with relevant Data protection legislation.
The list below provides links to UCD Privacy Statements that cover the University’s main data processing activities.
Further Information and Contact Details
Further information on your data privacy rights is available on the website of the Data Protection
Commissioner www.dataprotection.ie
If you have any questions relating to the processing of personal data on this Website please contact the Information Compliance Manager at the address set out below.
Information Compliance Manager
UCD Records Management and Freedom of Information Unit
Roebuck Castle
University College Dublin
Dublin 4
Email: data.protection@ucd.ie
Telephone: +353 1 716 8786/8722
Website: http://www.joswebsitedesign.com/dataprotection/